We’re called FocusFirst because that’s exactly what we do.

We are change experts, specializing in digital transformation. By combining expertise in change management processes, success psychology, and experience with digital technologies, we support large companies in their transformational needs.

About us

Change experts to empower your digital project

The introduction of a new software or novel technology always comprises two sides: the technological and the human side. Our experts have gained longstanding experience concerning both, digital rollouts as well as psychological regards – specifically in global corporate environments. This combination enables us to reach your goals in a very effective manner.

And reaching your most challenging goals is exactly what we set out to do. We have built FocusFirst to prove that achieving goals together is ultimately faster, more favourable, more qualitative, and definitely more sustainable than deploying an elbow-tactic approach. And we will not only prove it and leave a footprint on this earth. We will put a dent in the universe!

While we have started off in the pharma and chemical business, as our company grows we are now expanding to others industries as well.

FocusFirst® – the human side of change.

René Esteban
Founder, CEO of FocusFirst®

What Our Clients Say

Head of Digital Channels (Fortune 1000 Company)

“For me, FocusFirst stands for change experts with a friendly and focused attitude. They deploy a strategic approach and are highly reliable.“

Vice President (Fortune 500 Company)

„Passionate, inspiring and focused. Thanks for convincing our sales force to use iPads. “

Global Head of Employee Content and Media (Fortune 1000 Company)

„FocusFirst has exceeded my expectations on more than one occasion. They take their customers by the hand and navigate them through the change.“

We love working with people to make a challenging transformation successful. So, as soon as you are facing one, we can’t wait to hear from you.