We’re called Focus First because that’s exactly what we do.

At Focus First®, we love all the different cultures throughout the world and the people who live them every day. Because of this, we’re able to bring diverse backgrounds and mindsets together to achieve all kinds of business goals.

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Whether it’s introducing Salesforce as a new CRM, SAP as a new ERP, or transitioning a sales force from paper to tablets, we do it all. We’re the change management experts that will help your organization navigate a digital transformation.

Rene Esteban Managing Director of Focus First
Rene Esteban, Managing Director of Focus First

Leading change, getting results.

Our long-term goal is simple: we want to become the world’s most inspiring consulting firm. And everything we do is with that in mind.

We’ll never be your typical change management consulting firm. We’re different. Your challenges are our challenges, and we won’t stop until we help you overcome them.

Focus First®. Leading change, getting results.


We assign only the best change and communication experts to our clients projects.

At Focus First®, we’ve designed a change management approach that not only helps employees embrace digital change faster, but helps international companies achieve their long-term goals.

Employees of Focus First

What Our Clients Say

Director of E-Business at a Fortune 500 company

„Focus First helped us launch a new e-commerce website in 45 countries. At first it was a challenge – sales organizations in Europe and Asia saw the e-commerce platform as a threat instead of an opportunity. But Focus First helped them become open to change. Now, these sales organizations are the strongest ambassadors of our new website.“

Vice President of a blue chip company in the lifescience sector

„Passionate, inspiring and focused. Thanks for convincing our sales force to use iPads. “

Managing Director of a Japanese-based manufacturer

„You guys are just awesome! Thank you for preparing the launch of our new e-Business platform in Japan. Our clients and employees love it.“

Novartis AG
Merck KGaA - A Global Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company
Sandoz International

We love a good challenge. So if you have one, we can’t wait to hear from you.