• 24 Apr

    Rene’s weekly inspiration #3

    “What role does stress play as an antagonist to change?

    It is difficult to behave different from usual when you are stressed. So, is stress enhancing steady habits? Yes. We don´t have the energy available to break out of automated processes in stressful situations, as all power is consumed by the stressful situation itself. And that´s why habits get their right of way.”


    Source: Psychology Today, Issue 1/2017

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  • 17 Apr

    Rene’s weekly inspiration #2

    “Western societies are too strongly fixating on amplifying the emotions of the driving system. This pursuit, this longing for it, is almost like an addiction. Partly, this arises from sensory overload of the sympathetic nervous system and thereby the release of dopamine.
    Some people need to constantly accomplish something or must please their desire to feel happy.
    Furthermore, it is not unusual, that people who try to deliberately come to rest, become nervous and unsettled, almost as if they would suffer from dopamine withdrawal.”


    Source: Psychology Today, Issue 1/2017

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  • 10 Apr

    Rene’s weekly inspiration #1

    „One feature of great leadership is the skill to react judicious under pressure.
    To be able to consciously be giving attention to the current moment without assessing, this skill needs to be trained and used. With a strong focus on your breath, you strengthen these parts of your brain, that handle concentration and executive control, mainly the pre-frontal Cortex.”

    Source: Harvard Business Manager. Issue January 2017, Page 36.

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