Who is Focus First

Who we are

FocusFirst is a professional change management consulting firm – specialized on leading digital projects to success in a focused manner. This is what we offer for global health care and chemical companies.

We’ll never be your typical change management consultancy. We’re different. Your challenges are our challenges, and we won’t stop until we’ve reached your goals.

With project experience in more than 60 countries worldwide, FocusFirst is the company global players turn to when they are facing daunting digital projects.

Focus First® – The human side of change.

What Focus First offers

What we offer

Leading change and communications for digital projects in the health care and chemical sector.

These days, technology changes in the blink of an eye. And while these new technological means make us more efficient and reduce overall costs, they also tend to unsettle employees. Furthermore, new technology is often difficult to learn and tough to integrate.

For these reasons, effective change management is essential for any business that wants to stay agile, become digital, and above all else, remain competitive.

Melanie Esteban, Art Director at FocusFirst

How we do it


By establishing clarity from the get-go, we make sure every company we work with has a clear understanding of the project at hand as well as of the ultimate goal. Then, working together as a team and by means of success psychology, we accomplish our purpose.

It all starts with our ONE goal® methodology. Designed specifically for highly complex health care and chemical companies, our approach not only helps employees to embrace digital change faster, but enables international companies to achieve their long-term goals.

Why go with us?

There are hundreds of change management companies. Why should you opt for FocusFirst?

Simple. FocusFirst is focussed on global health care and chemical companies and operates with change experts that have specialized in digital projects.

We’re experts at bringing diverse cultures and mindsets together to achieve all kinds of goals. No matter how complex your organization is. This is what we love to do, this is what we’re good at. And why we are so good at that? Because we’re passionate about helping people to embrace significant change.

On top of this, we bring in-depth knowledge of core digital systems – like Adobe, Ariba, Oracle, SAP and Salesforce – as well as concerning many other digital software and e-business solutions to the table.

In short, Focus First knows people and platforms – plus health care and chemical companies.