Who we are

We are your transformation experts, focusing on the human side of change. Because we are passionate about creating lasting transformation and impact.

What we offer

We support your organization to embrace the complexities associated with digital change. We offer to facilitate your transformation with change management tools & communication measures.

How we do it

We help you reach your project goal by combining success psychology, coaching and expertise in digital change. Focused, on eye-level, and based on the renowned Prosci® framework.

Why go with us?

Change Management

The reason why some transformation projects fail and others succeed is as simple as it is complex. It’s the people who are involved – or not.

We base our organizational change management approach on our ONE Goal® method. A highly efficient methodology building on many years of experience with the drivers of successful change projects. Results-oriented and all focused on the human side.

To enable change on the team level, we offer workshops and coaching to support leaders and their teams in embracing change.

Success Psychology

Our team of coaches and consultants recognizes the importance of focusing on psychology of humans, particularly when it comes to large transformations. Even the most complex change projects will be successful when you have a supportive leadership and organization.

Helping you with how to spread enthusiasm around challenging digital changes is our strength. We know how to engage people and create a positive mindset. “Change happens one person at a time” – valuing these wise words, we target our methods to the individual as well as the organizational level.

Global digital expertise

Our FocusFirst team comes from a diverse variety of backgrounds. However, we have a significant experience with digital projects, particularly in global corporate environments.

We help organizations as they are going through major digital transformations – whether it is the rollout of a new tool, a changing work environment or developing a digital mindset. Our experts are experienced in regional and global rollouts, and know the quirks of project management. Our experience in big global companies helps us to quickly grasp the situation and come up with effective actions.

Giving your project a face, a heart and a soul

We constantly experience change. At home, outside on the streets or at work. Change is everywhere. And how do we experience change? With all senses. We see the company’s rebranded logo, we hear the opening of an unknown car door, we smell the new desk’s wood, we feel the cover of a special book and we taste the piece of chocolate handed to us during a workshop. Through our senses we as human beings keep certain situations in our memory. They anchor themselves there. We call them: positive anchors.

We at FocusFirst combine good design with our senses. Workshops become an event, a project gets a heart and a soul. With good design, we keep these positive experiences and happenings in our mind.

Melanie Esteban
Art Director & Equity Partner

Our Philosophy: The Ensō

( 円相, Japanese: circle)

The Ensō symbolizes illumination, strength, elegance, the universe and empty space. It resembles oneness, it embraces antagonisms, it is no either-or but an as-well-as.

The Ensō is drawn by a single fluid stroke of the brush in Zen painting. In the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, drawing an Ensō constitutes a moment, when the mind is free, and body and soul focus entirely on the creation process. Only someone who is internally composed and level-headed can paint a well-balanced Ensō.

The circle is a symbol of „true reality“. Ensō are imperfect ergo unique – like the human beings who created them. The goal is not to be perfect but real, authentic, human. And this is exactly how we inspire people to change.

FocusFirst® – the human side of change.