Working at FocusFirst

Why pick FocusFirst as an employer?

Because it’s fun! Your workplace, your tasks, the challenges, being in good company, making our international clients happier than they were before your change project. You create added value and accomplish something that will reach and deeply inspire many people.

How free am I in my decisions?

You park your car directly in front of the focus factory and enter the freshly renovated industry loft. You open the glass door, place your first step on the hardwood floor, see the staircase ahead of you, smilingly take a breath, and feel completely relaxed. Far away from the earlier, typical corporate guidelines of “what you must do”, you have arrived at “freedom”. You manage your daily work to your own preferences, determine your objectives directly with the managing director. You are the one to design the road towards your goals; after all, this is why you’ve been hired – because you know your own way best.

How do I develop myself further?

Your contribution within complex change processes creates added value for international big companies. Your authentic and sparkling personality helps thousands of these companies’ employees to embrace change. You broaden your network with decision makers in DAX30 and Fortune 500 organizations. You work in an inspiring environment that fosters your personal growth – additionally to many further training opportunities and personal coaching.


We are very much looking forward to get to know you.

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