What we are good at

1. Prepare the Change

We help set a stable foundation, so that sustainable change can take place.

  • Building trust & clarity
  • Establishing a clear focus
  • Defining vision & purpose
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Analysing the change from different angles
  • Integrating the organisation’s perception
  • Designing a goal-oriented change strategy

2. Navigate through the Change

We leverage the transformation from current to future state.

  • Raising awareness & interest
  • Communicating vision & purpose
  • Giving the project a face, heart & soul
  • Stimulating employee engagement
  • Pro-actively managing key stakeholders
  • Ensuring adequate sponsor involvement
  • Providing clarity & transparency
  • Celebrating small & big successes


3. Anchor the Change

We ensure a smooth transition to operations and make behavioural change last.

  • Supporting the transition
  • Monitoring the organisation’s acceptance
  • Holding the energy level high
  • Ensuring continuous support
  • Settling new roles and responsibilities

Sample Projects

We have worked with many customers, mainly large global corporations. Below you find a selection of projects we have successfully completed. Click on the tabs below to learn more about our projects or get the main facts an one glance here.

We take confidentiality serious. Therefore, please understand that we cannot display all past projects due to NDA restrictions.

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Client: Fortune 500 Company 

Role: Global Change Management, Communications

Project Duration: 8 months

The Challenge
The introduction of Veeva as CRM was initiated by the headquarters, forcing it upon the subsidiary company that formerly had been a competitor and still showed some cultural differences compared to the new mother firm. The project team and nearly all stakeholders were opposed to the project: They feared that this software introduction might cause job reductions, and particularly the sales managers were afraid that the new iPads could be used to surveil them. Nevertheless, the board stuck to the project for economic reasons.


The Solution
We created a communication strategy centering around a change story that emphasized the change’s urgency. Additionally, we used images and demos to facilitate the understanding of Veeva’s purpose and functions. Through a weekly newsletter, we established transparency and clarity – being open about what is decided and what is still being worked on. We conducted successful health checks and helped to focus and prioritize: This way, project members could be certain, that the available resources were being deployed for the most relevant topics at all times. Furthermore, we facilitated and moderated weekly change advisory boards that comprised all board members – thereby bringing about decisions in a consensus-driven and indecisive environment. We held team-building workshops and established a culture of transparency, openness and unity. As a result, Veeva went live in time and with a massive celebration.

Client: Fortune 1000 Company 

Role: Global Change Management, Communications, Employee Engagement

Project Duration: 10 months

The Challenge

The whole company’s global website was supposed to be relaunched – a project set over a timespan of 10 months and requiring the active cooperation of more than 250 employees from Marketing and Communications. Additionally to creating the new website, the project culture was supposed to be transformed from waterfall project management to an agile one. What made this project even more challenging was that – as in most companies – the website is a very political topic: The challenging goals set by the board were put at risk by power plays and by different departments’ competing goals.


The Solution

Based on a stakeholder analysis, we developed a communication concept including a project branding – a vital step to give the project a face, a heart and a soul. In a LEADS workshop, we brought all decision makers to the table to settle the vision, define the scope and determine the needed resources. This served as project kick-off and was a major key success driver. Despite of the many competing objectives, we managed to connect the project’s stakeholders with the right people and right information at the right time to ensure the pursuit of the joint goal. To foster transparency and present the steering committee with regular project updates, we conducted monthly health checks. We furthermore supported the preparation of board and steering committee slides. The website went live in 150 countries sparking broad press and social media coverage. With a very successful lessons learned session we concluded the project.

Client:  Fortune 1000 Company

Role: Regional Change Management, Communications

Project Duration: 2 months

The Challenge
Since too many documents were manually signed, a digital signature should be introduced with Adobe Sign. This was particularly challenging as the pharmaceutical business is highly regimented and characterized by many restrictions.


The Solution
As a crucial point, we needed to dissolve the widely shared conviction of „We are in Pharma, this simply is not possible for us“. After careful stakeholder analysis, we created a communication concept. Thereupon, we implemented manifold campaigns to foster the digital signature’s acceptance – including newsletters, intranet presence, a pitch presentation, and many more materials. From a psychological perspective, we framed the campaign very exclusively – counting on the appealing idea of scarcity and a premium, lean design. With our support, the introduction of the digital signature became a success.

Client:  Fortune 1000 Company 

Role: Global Change Management, Communications, Employee Engagement

Project Duration: 4 months

The Challenge
The Ariba roll-out started as a project, then set off a whole program, and resulted in a wild mix of project names. Roles and responsibilities were unclear and people did not know which issues belonged to the program and which to one of the projects. So far, all efforts had been focused on technical aspects, not on the people that were affected. We were commissioned to boost the communication.


The Solution
First of all, we decided not to communicate more but less and clearer instead. We developed a holistic communication strategy with a consistent project branding and a detailed communication plan. As a central point, we brought clarity to the question of what is mother (program) and what is daughter (projects). We focused the communication on emotions and human changes and reduced the tech talk. More precisely, we explicitly simplified project matters so that a 7-years old could understand them and tailored communication efforts to the recipients. To also account for intercultural differences, we deployed cross-cultural body language and adapted posters to the respective culture. This simple, consistent and emotional communication helped to reach the overall project and program goals.

Client:  Fortune 1000 Company 

Role: Global Change Management, Communications, Strategic Consulting, Employee Engagement

Project Duration: 3 months

The Challenge
Global IT and global Communications faced the question of how the company’s digital workplace should look like in the future. A vast amount of conflicting and inconsistent ideas existed on how the topic should be approached.
It was unclear, which initiatives should be started in the next year and who should be responsible for what.


The Solution
Firstly, we initiated a series of workshops to bring IT and Communications people together. We identified typical employee-personas to realistically test new ways of working, and – from a list originally containing 120 initiatives – we prioritized and selected the most relevant ones. In the course of our detailed analysis, we interviewed dozens of employees from different backgrounds, regions and levels to gain insights on how people are working today and will be working tomorrow – from Productions to Strategy, from Brazil to Germany, from laboratory worker to global head. As a result, we recommended a prioritized list of five initiatives along with sufficient information to build a business case and start the projects in the next year. Furthermore, we helped to prepare presentation slides for the board to promote the projects’ fundraising.

Client:  Fortune 1000 Company 

Role: Global Change Management, Communications

Project Duration: 18 months

The Challenge
Based on EFPIA requirements, a new global compliance system landscape was introduced to adequately plan, monitor and report any transfers of value to health care professionals, health care organizations as well as to patients and patient organizations. Apart from major technical innovations, the most impactful long-term change certainly was the transformation of a compliance owned and approval driven workflow towards a process leveraging accountability in the business, and to develop an organization of compliance advisors.


The Solution

In the beginning, we mainly focused on creating coherent communication materials and developing the project intranet pages, based on a strategic communication plan. Another main component were regular health checks with key stakeholders to identify what went well and where potential roadblocks could occur. Building upon the insights we derived from these conversations, we made recommendations to the project leadership team. As the announced new processes triggered uncertainty and frustration in the organizations, we used videos and target oriented messages to pass the tone from the top to the parties concerned. By showing appreciation for the employees, we paved the way for the culture change the new procedures required. In the final project phase, we conducted steady follow-ups with the country representatives to ensure that the relevant measures were realized locally. One of the greatest challenges had been to re-establish and safeguard the project team’s credibility in light of the delayed go-live. Finally, the new way of being compliant was successfully introduced.

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