FocusFirst Partners

FocusFirst relies on a strong team of experienced leaders with a long history in the pharma and chemical sector. They each have steered and led a variety of huge transformation projects and know how to reach the envisioned project goal – also in complex, fast moving and high-risk environments. Be sure that, with us, you win sparring partners on eye-level who understand where you are coming from and help you to get to where you want to be.

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Art Direction

Change meets Design

At FocusFirst, we not only talk about change, we make it tangible. Our Art Director Melanie Esteban uses the power of design to engage employees through all senses.

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Meet the Team

The values we are living every day

A warm welcome to our FocusFactory

Do you feel like working at FocusFirst might be your kind of thing?

We’re always looking forward to welcome more change enthusiasts, inspired minds and awesome colleagues to our team.