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We have something that helps to achieve your most challenging goals faster.




Top Innovator 2020


We know that speed is the currency of a corporate. We help companies and leaders to accelerate the implementation of their goals and increase their effectiveness. 

Our projects range from supporting leadership changes, projects at risk or needing alignment, mergers and acquisitions to repositioning – from individual functions to entire companies.

We are not a strategy, IT, marketing, or HR consultancy. We combine the individual components and link them in such a way that the horsepower gets on the road.

Creating the optimal combination of all these ‘set screws’ for the individual situation – that is our USP. We set them up for maximum output. Fast, professional and sustainable.

Having an external perspective and experience allow us to recognize the ‘set screws’ of an environment quickly. We know corporates and the dynamics of large companies.  We promptly identify solutions that take effect in such complex structures.

Top Innovator 2020

Our Typical Approach

20 days

Identify how to accelerate

  • Validation Root Cause
  • Quick Win Proposals
  • Recommendations for way forward

100 days


  • Development and start of acceleration
  • Knowledge transfer from day 1
  • Smooth transfer into ‘transformation from within’

Our References


– support from the beginning –

A new leader had the mandate to turn around a global organization within six months.

After a merger, a new leader inherited a global organization that lacked motivation and focus.


– accelerate progress –

A digital project was very successful, except in strategic Asian markets, which required a transformation strategy and execution.

Employees worldwide resisted a new way of working
in a highly regulated area.


– realign projects for success –

A global program was in crisis mode. Stakeholders were against it, the team unengaged.

A billion-dollar E-Business team did not make their sales numbers due to lack of focus.

Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu FocusFirst GmbH

Why select FocusFirst
as partner?

1. We know corporate

FocusFirst has in-depth experience of how corporates work, with their visible and invisible structures.

2. We know how to focus

FocusFirst has methods to help human beings focus on what is important now.

3. We achieve goals faster

Only results matter. That’s why we are here;
that’s why we exist.

What our customers say…

“For me, FocusFirst stands for experts with a friendly and focused attitude. They deploy a strategic approach and are highly reliable.“

Head of Digital Channels

Fortune 1000 Company

„Passionate, inspiring and focused.“

Vice President

Fortune 500 Company

„My global program was driving with 100mp/h against a wall. SteerCo was close to shut it down. I’m thankful for your support. Your consulting approach is truly unique.“

Global Program Lead

Fortune 500 Company

About the founder

René Esteban has worked many years in the corporate world. During that time, he observed many leaders and how they achieve their goals. Many goals were not achieved, just because of the leaders’ approach. René did not only observe these failures; he also made them. All too often, leaders do not meet goals in time, quality, nor budget. Naturally, this triggers frustration and leads to even more elbow tactics, corporate politics, or trying to be someone they are not.

So, he experimented with how corporate leaders can achieve their biggest goals faster and more human-friendly. Change management alone was not the answer. It did not take long for him to discover principles from neurosciences and success psychology that are transferrable into the corporate world. He combined these insights into an innovative approach that has helped many leaders to accelerate their transformations since.

René’s passion for goal achievement brought him to found FocusFirst, built on the fundamental belief that achieving goals together is faster, more favorable, and more enjoyable, and that inspiration and focus are keys to achieve epic goals. To share his insights with the world, he also wrote the book “Do Epic Stuff! – Leadership after Change Management”.  

Would you like to join the FocusFirst team and achieve great goals together with us?

Feel free to take a look at our job offerings and send us your application.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

„Inspiring and focused. René Esteban showcases
that achieving epic business goals is possible.“

Brian Tracy
New York Times Beststeller Author of „Goals“

Do Epic Stuff!

Available as Book, E-Book, and Audio book – In Store & Online

  • Empowering employees to set one goal, keeping it in mind and working towards it with enthusiasm.
  • Field-tested know-how from the corporate environment with amazingly effective methods from success psychology.
  • Blue-chip top executives report on how they inspire people and set off for new horizons.

We love good challenges.
Contact us.

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