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Meet the Team of
Transformation Experts

We structure transformation and change projects in companies and
develop organisations further. To do this, we support our clients in focusing
on a goal and delivering outstanding results. We call this Inspired Focus. And so
we accelerate transformations and keep employee satisfaction high at the same time.

Anthea Stoll | Senior Consultant

Certified Change Manager. Organizational Psychologist and Coach with a passion for understanding systems and motivating people.

David Jeans | Senior Advisor

26 years with Merck, SVP, global and regional roles, responsible for driving business transformation. Expert in Leadership, Communication and Stakeholder Engagement. Besides his Senior Advisor role at FocusFirst, David is Owner of Beganya Business Services Ltd.

Melanie Esteban | Art Director

Sense Activator, Flamenco Dancer, Storyteller.
Over 12 years experience in corporate design such as Merck, E.ON, BASF, Novartis, Lanxess, etc. Run a design agency. Master in Communication Design.

Tobias Heeger | Senior Advisor

Strategist, storyteller, and chubby triathlete. More than ten years experience of advising on and leading in internal communications and employee engagement. Passionately dislikes l'art pour l'art, but loves listening to challenges of decision makers, developing communications strategies and delivering emotionally appealing formats. Gallup's CliftonStrengths? Ideation, Woo, Strategic, Communication, Activator.

René Esteban| Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur, Father, Frank Sinatra Singer.
Over 20 years of experience in the global corporate environment including several senior leadership positions. Executive coach and expert in transformation, change, organizational development. Expert in success psychology.

Kathie Starks | Senior Advisor

Senior Leader and Coach with 30+ years experience in Financial Services. Expert in sales, business growth and employee development and engagement. Highly skilled in building high performing teams. Former CEO and Branch Manager Bank of New York Mellon, Frankfurt SA/NV. Besides her Senior Advisor role at FocusFirst, Kathie is Executive Coach for Teams and Leaders.

David Braga | Manager

Strategist, Dot-Connector, Traveller. Over 6 years in management consulting, in a wide range of functions, industries and projects. Holds a MSc in Management from Católica Lisbon and a MSc in Psychology from the University of St. Andrews. Rich intercultural experience and a passion for strategic change, communications, and organisational development.

Susann Kunz | Senior Advisor

Entrepreneur, Effective Altruist, Optimist by choice. Over 14 years of experience in the global corporate environment, holding several (remote) team leadership positions since over a decade. Executive coach, mentor, start up advisor and expert in global brand strategy, product marketing, business development, global key account management and agile transformation.
Key Note Speaker and mentor on self-marketing, effective communication/presentation and career development.

Gerlinde Jayme | Senior Advisor

An agile, curious, creative and empathetic leader and coach. Over 30 years of experience in the global corporate world, holding several positions including 8 years of leading a multinational learning and development team. Always thriving to stretch my comfort zone through life long learning.

René Eichelsbacher | Senior Advisor

Besides his Senior Advisor role at FocusFirst, René is Trainer & Coach for more than 17 years. René empowers people to empower people for personal and professional growth.

Tim Shaw | Senior Advisor

Carolin Adler | Senior Advisor

Executive Coach, Change & Transformation Consultant and Communication Expert, with over 20 years of experience in multinational companies in the sectors Chemistry, Energy, Industry, Software & Digitalisation. Former Head of Change & Transformation at Körber AG, and Head of Corporate Communications at tesa. Besides her Senior Advisor role at FocusFirst, Carolin is Founder of Carolin Adler Coaching. Change. Communications.

Sandra Cameron | Senior Advisor

Executive Coach and Partner for Business Transformations, over 20 years of professional experience in the automotive and machine vision industry, including more than a decade in senior leadership roles like Head of Digital Marketing at Opel, and CMO at the SDAX company ISRA Vision. Besides her Senior Advisor role at FocusFirst, Sandra is Owner of Cameron Coaching & Consulting.

Thomas Mickeleit | Senior Advisor

Lawyer by profession. +35 years of experiences in communications management primarily in the tech industry. Former Director of Communications, Member of the Management Board, Microsoft Germany. Besides his Senior Advisor role at FocusFirst, Thomas is Founder of KommunikationNeuDenken!

Dr. Petra Kring-Kardoš | Senior Advisor

Over 25 years in management consulting and training in various industries and countries. Strategy Consultant, trainer, and coach for project and transformation management. Besides her Senior Advisor role at FocusFirst, Petra is Managing Partner at DKC GmbH.

Darius M. Ghiai | Senior Advisor

Executive Consultant & Coach with 25+ years international experience in Change, OD, (Leadership-) Team Development & Leadership Development in leading positions and as entrepreneur. Besides his Senior Advisor role at FocusFirst, Darius is Owner and MD at COMMITIS- International Leadership Development and Change.

Susanne Ringen | Senior Advisor

Systems Thinker, outdoor enthusiast, passionate surfer. Over 20 years experience in digital environments including project management, HR and senior leadership roles. Agile leadership coach and expert in mindful transformation and organizational design. Mindfulness and resilience trainer, New Work enthusiast, podcast host. Founder of ICH & WIR.

Focus First at glance

Who we are

The specialized management consultancy who help accelerate organizational, project and transformation goals.


Why we do it

Because we believe in achieving goals together – so that transformations are faster and more impactful.


How we do it

By combining what works best in strategic consulting, impactful communication, and success psychology beyond the corporate world.


Our purpose


Achieving goals together

We believe that epic goals are achieved faster when working together. Not with elbow and ego as it is common in too many corporates. Imagine work where you achieve impactful goals as one team AND it is fun. It’s possible when balancing inspiration and focus in an excellent fashion. We are proofing it every day with our customers. And it’s the highest state in the maturity grade of human beings (=”The interdependence stage”). That’s why we exist: Proofing that epic goals are achieved faster when working together. And with that belief we will leave a foot print on this beautiful earth to make it a bit better. We are FocusFirst®.

Our vision


To be the most inspiring corporate
goal achievers on this beautiful planet earth

The vision goes without saying. Why is that vision important to us? The way how goals are achieved nowadays in corporates is self destructive. We want to help leaders, we want to inspire them for better leadership. A leadership that is focused and inspiring.
A leadership that gets epic things done. A leadership full of passion which is inspiring team members for high-performance
– not because they have to – but they want to. Achieving goals in this environment is healthier for everyone:
This is our contribution to make this world a bit better.



Our FocusFactory – rooms full of inspiration. Our thought workshop and delivery headquarter, where we work daily and with focus, for our customers and for our common goal. Everyone who arrives here for the first time immediately senses what we mean by this.


Our headquarters with office space for meetings and focus sessions. Conveniently located for the vast majority of transport, from bicycle to plane.


Our common goal for the year 2025 - first the inauguration party, then the work! With the office-to-be in Singapore, our vision becomes tangible, colourful and emotional. That's what we want to achieve together. The playlist for the inauguration party is already being continuously updated.

The Ensō

( 円相, Japanese: circle)

The Ensō symbolizes illumination, strength, elegance, the universe and empty space. It resembles oneness, it embraces antagonisms, it is no either-or but an as-well-as.

The Ensō is drawn by a single fluid stroke of the brush in Zen painting. In the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, drawing an Ensō constitutes a moment, when the mind is free and body and soul focus entirely on the creation process. Only someone who is internally composed and level-headed can paint a well-balanced Ensō.

The circle is a symbol of „true reality“. Ensō are imperfect ergo unique – like the human beings who created them. The goal is not to be perfect but real, authentic, human. And this is exactly how we inspire people to transform.

We are FocusFirst®

The OneGoal Framework

The OneGoal Framework is our structured collection of concepts, methods, and tools to successfully accelerate transformations and achieve goals in international organisations. The knowledge behind it stems from the many transformations and projects we have already accompanied.

What lies behind our methods: Inspired Focus.

At FocusFirst, we have observed that organisations still often try to achieve goals primarily by motivating people only rationally. However, that is not enough. First, it takes inspiration to get people up and moving. And then it takes focus to move collectively in the right direction. Therefore, we do not believe that traditional methods such as Change Management are enough. We firmly believe in Inspired Focus.

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While the term change management is not used uniformly, it usually refers to change processes according to classical control logics. And as the term implies, complex changes are to be managed, i.e. made manageable and predictable. This corresponds to a mechanical, non-human-centred way of thinking about organisations. Many of these change processes are still top-down. In extreme cases, they proceed in such a way that boxes are first moved back and forth in organisational charts and then attempts are made to adapt the organisational reality to these conceptual changes.

However, the world changes at an exponential speed. The largest companies are trying to keep up and do the right thing to be still present tomorrow. Change management used to be the means of choice. However, change management from 30 years ago is not enough in a world of VUCA, digital transformation, and gig economy. Corporate executives especially are affected by continually shifting roles, changing bosses, competing goals, and additional tasks. The mobile phone never seems to be silent. Change management has mutated into change chasing.

Today’s world no longer needs change management. What leaders need for their teams now is Inspired Focus. Inspired Focus is the art of focusing people in an organization on one goal despite the increasing flood of information, changing responsibilities, and growing workload. Focus is and will continue to be the crucial success factor in international matrix organizations because the entire energy is concentrated on one goal instead of hundreds. But focus alone is not enough. What we want to achieve needs to make sense, move us, and inspire us to no longer only manage the change, but to inspire and focus teams on OneGoal to deliver excellent results.

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