Partner with us


Are you an experienced senior leader with a proven track record of transformation projects in a corporate environment? You enjoy your entrepreneurship and would like to use the professional infrastructure
and methods of an experienced consultancy at the same time?
You also enjoy teamwork hand in hand with inspiring consultants?
Then you are interested in our Senior Advisor Network.

Why we want to partner with you



  • Contact to great customers and projects,
  • lower acquisition effort
  • lower administrative effort
  • access to inspirational methodology of FocurFirst®



  • experiencing the best-in-class expertise
  • accelerate transformation
  • structure and content out of one hand
  • easy to handle contract situation


  • working with great inspirational experienced senior leaders
  • fantastic projects from multiple industries and backgrounds
  • access to contentual experts
  • making our customers happy

Typical member
we are looking for

You feel addressed by most of the following attributes/descriptions

• Freelancer
• Independent consultant
• Coach
• Senior Leader
• Experienced in transformation projects
• Background in a corporate organization
• Open minded & curious
• Positive mindset
• Intrinsically motivated


How many criteria do we have in common?
Let’s find a matching date to talk about how to join forces!