Transformation and Change Roadmap



The go-to document that inspires people for your change, and focus them at the same time at the right stage of your initiative.

What is it concretely?

A Transformation Roadmap or Change Roadmap is in its essence a document that visualizes the steps from here to the goal of your initiative. When you for example like to change the way how you do sales in your organisation, a roadmap visualizes what needs to happen when. Imagine it like a bus stop plan – more sophisticated. Sophisticated because it shall inspire and focus the people (team and stakeholders).  Sophisticated as it is a steering document, a document that will serve as your guide through stormy times.

When will it help you?

A Transformation Roadmap or Change Roadmap will help you:


  • In situations when you start or realign a big change e.g. a complex project or an entire transformation
  • When your stakeholders and team ask for more clarity
  • When motivation and engagement are low among your teams and stakeholders and you wish to inspire again.

The Transformation or Change Roadmap will be valuable when you ask yourself:

  • How can I make sure that everyone involved in my project / transformation understands what the journey will look like?
  • How can I mitigate political games and territory games when leading my project / transformations to success
  • How can I assure my management that I have a strategic, long-term, sustainable and sound plan?
  • How can I motivate my team members and my key stakeholders to support my project / transformation?
  • How can I focus my team to work on the right deliverables at the right time? 

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