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We do all of this just for one reason: Helping you to succeed – achieving goals together, faster. That’s not only our purpose of FocusFirst, that’s our promise to you. It’s possible. Stay focused.


What we offer for leaders

Transformation Analysis

We are specialized in accelerating projects and entire transformations in corporates. To achieve this, we leverage our patented ONE GOAL Framework®, applying key elements of strategic consulting, impactful communication and success psychology.


We help you to achieve your ONE GOAL by setting up a Transformation Office and prioritizing your projects. Furthermore, we support you in executing the identified action items with a strong focus on communications and stakeholder management.

Professional Development

We offer a bespoke modular development program to support leadership teams with building leadership and stakeholder engagement capabilities. You’ll learn how to instill confidence, inspire performance & build productive stakeholder connections.

FocusFirst accelerated > 60 corporate projects/transformations so far


FocusFirst accelerated these Projects/Transformations by ∼33%

(Customer survey Q2/2021)


That’s why 90% of customers recommended FocusFirst to peers.

(Customer survey Q2/2021)

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AI-based Course

The AI Course for Corporate Leader. Get inspiration for your individual project/transformation situation. Bring it back on track and accelerate again.

The Leader’s Guide

The trusted guide for Leaders in Corporates. 1+5 steps on how to build clarity, excite & align people to master every complex project or transformation.

Do Epic Stuff Leadership after Change Management Book by René Esteban

Join the Inner Circle

Join the Inner Circle. The newsletter of FocusFirst with inspirational ideas on how to master and accelerate your project/transformation.

We help!

We are specialized in getting projects/transformations on the right track to accelerate again. Let’s identify together how we can help you, too.

Let’s identify together how we can help you. 

„Inspiring and focused. René Esteban showcases
that achieving epic business goals is possible.“

Brian Tracy
New York Times Beststeller Author of „Goals“

Become the
Head of Epic Stuff.

Available as Book, E-Book, and Audio book – In Store & Online

  • Empowering employees to set one goal, keeping it in mind and working towards it with enthusiasm.
  • Field-tested know-how from the corporate environment with amazingly effective methods from success psychology.
  • Blue-chip top executives report on how they inspire people and set off for new horizons.

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