We help you to achieve your OneGoal by first finding out how your individual transformation project should be structured using our innovative Transformation Analysis. Further, we support you in the realization of the most important identified work packages, effective communication, and the management of your stakeholders.


For whom is it valuable?

  • Senior leaders who are accountable for the success of a complex project or transformation.
  • Sponsors and steering committee members of important initiatives.
  • C-Level or close that want to make their mark in the world.

In which situations?

  • you want to initiate a project/transformation
    (e.g. build-up or restructure your organisation,  introducing a new technology, process, mindset, vision, organization)
  • you want to accelerate a project/transformation
    (e.g. introduction of new software takes too long, employees are not focused during re-organizations, or processes get too complex to speed up)
  • you want to fix a project/transformation
    (e.g. transformation runs into a political situation where professional stakeholder management and fine line communication is key)

Typical deliverables we help with


  • Workshops to identify and foster the OneGoal®
  • Identification and Development of Purpose and Vision


  • Status Quo Analysis & Strategy for your initiative
  • Positioning of Organizations, Projects, and Transformations
  • Creation of Transformation and Change Roadmap
  • Health Checks


  • Culture change development & execution
  • Development of mindset & congruent behaviors
  • Mindset workshops
  • Training and Coaching in Mindset, Culture, Behaviors


  • Stakeholder Strategy, Management, and Engagement
  • Employee Engagement & Motivation
  • Team building Activities and Workshops
  • Team assessment
  • Positioning of Leaders
  • Sponsor Roadmap
  • Resistance management
  • Leadership development
  • Training & Coaching for Leadership Teams


  • Communication Strategy & Execution
  • Communication Plan
  • Creation and design of deliverables in your Corporate Branding
  • Transformation Story / Change Story
  • Copywriting / Ghostwriting of fine line communication
  • Creation of C-Level & Board communication
  • Creation of Pitch Presentations
  • Project Marketing
  • Training & Coaching in Communication


  • Project Management Office set-up and support (PMO)
  • Transformation Management Office set-up and support (TMO)
  • OKR development and Implementation
  • Meeting structure concept
  • Workshops to increase team focus and productivity
  • Training & Coaching in Team Productivity and Focus

Selected accelerated projects/transformations


– acceleration from the beginning –

A new leader had the mandate to turn around a global organization within six months.

Post-merger: A new leader inherited a global organization that lacked motivation and focus. Stakeholders noticed that, too.


– speed up progress when time is short –

A digital project was very successful except in strategic Asian markets, which required a transformation strategy and execution.

Sales employees worldwide resisted a new way of working in a highly regulated area. 


– quickly realigning projects for success –

A global program was in crisis mode. Stakeholders were against the program, the team highly unengaged.

A billion-dollar E-Business team did not make their e-sales numbers due to a lack of focus and trust.

„If you need intellectual horsepower: Get FocusFirst in: Passionate, inspiring and focused.“

Vice President

Fortune 500 Company

„When you said at the beginning that it is possible to accelerate our digital sales transformation, I was skeptical. Because we went through so many emotions, so much politics. By god… You moved us from skeptic to energized. Thanks so much to the entire FocusFirst Team! “

Senior Vice President

Fortune 1000 Company

„My global program was driving with 100mp/h against a wall. SteerCo was close to shut it down. I’m thankful for your support. Your consulting approach is truly unique.“

Global Program Lead

Fortune 500 Company

Let’s identify together how we can help you. 

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