Transformation Analysis



Your shortcut to project/transformation success. Used by international leaders at Fortune 500 companies, spanning 5 continents.

For whom is it valuable?

  • Senior leaders who are accountable for the success of a complex project or transformation.
  • Sponsors and steering committee members of important initiatives.
  • C-Level or close that want to make their mark in the world.

In which situations?

  • You start a new job/role
  • Your team merges, expands, reduces or reorganizes
  • You want to start a project/transformation pre-phase (study)
  • You want to start a complex project/transformation
  • Your project/transformation is slow
  • Your project/transformation is political or in a crisis-mode

How does it work?

FocusFirst is counted as “The Go-To Consulting Firm” for transforming organizations. We developed a systematic approach to identify what is required to structure your transformation for success. We call this product “Transformation Analysis” and it helps senior leaders on all continents to achieve their goals faster.

We come in and identify how to accelerate your project or company transformation. Results are captured in this document called Transformation Analysis, which is used by international leaders at Fortune 500 companies, spanning 5 continents.

And timewise?
Although we are working with senior leaders from big international companies who are usually short on time, we usually get the Transformation Analysis done within 4-6 weeks.


Get answers to typical questions like:

  • How can I make sure my team, stakeholders, management is behind my vision/goal?
  • How do I find and manage the right stakeholders?
  • How to create a sound strategy for my project/transformation?
  • What communication do we need by when to whom to establish clarity and an enthusiasm
  • What concrete deliverables – in what sequence – need to be accomplished?

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