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Strategic Corporate Initiatives

You are leading a strategic initiative.

You are introducing an initiative to support your organization’s vision and development. You need to think big, cultivate relationships, and leverage partnerships to make your initiative a success. We provide you with sparring and consulting at eye level. Why? So that you can be on the path to leaving your mark.

How we support you

Usage of our disciplines when supporting in strategic initiatives.

Every project is unique. Your project is unique. The graphs show how much of the disciplines are typically required depending on the project.

Selected References

We are thankful to be able to help senior leaders achieve their goals.Contact us for references. We are happy to connect you with our customers.

An international leadership team lacked trust, which affected the wider global team as well.

Fortune 1000

Chemical Industry

Employees worldwide resisted a new way of working in a highly regulated area.

Fortune 1000

Pharma Industry




The leaders of FocusFirst were responsible for big corporate transformations before joining FocusFirst. They sat on the other side of the table, knowing the emotions, pains, and gains that accompany a senior role.

That insight allows them to combine a unique set of skills.

The three service circles include:

  • Success Psychology to inspire leaders, stakeholders, and team members
  • Strategic Consulting to identify and maintain focus until success
  • Internal Communications to move people to action

The combination of these three disciplines allows FocusFirst experts to help senior leaders achieve their goals faster with excellent quality.

Why select FocusFirst
as partner?

1. We know corporate

FocusFirst has in-depth experience of how corporates work, with their visible and invisible structures.

2. We know how to focus

FocusFirst has methods to help human beings focus on what is important now.

3. We achieve goals

Only results matter. That’s why we are here;
that’s why we exist.

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Every project is unique. Your project is unique. Let’s get in touch and see what we can help you with.