AI-based Course for Senior Leader



Get inspiration for your individual project/transformation situation.

Bring it back on track and accelerate again.

For whom is this course?

  • Senior leaders who are accountable for the success of a complex project or transformation.
  • Sponsors and steering committee members of important initiatives.
  • C-Level or close that want to make their mark in the world.

Why doing it?

  • It works. Following the points in the AI-based Leadership Course will help you to successfully initiate, accelerate or fix your project/transformation.
  • We are fascinated by discovering why some leaders are successful and others not. We have not identified a new recipe. It’s older than 100 years. Proven to be successful. Used by our own teams and customers. Now, available for you.

Get answers to typical questions like:

  • How do I initiate successfully a project/transformation right from the start?
  • How can I make sure my leadership team is behind my vision/goal?
  • How do I find and manage the right stakeholders?
  • How to create a sound strategy for my project/transformation?
  • Who will define the project vision?
  • What communication do we need by when to whom to establish clarity and enthusiasm
  • What concrete deliverables – in what sequence – need to be accomplished?